How much does the tour cost? €13.00 per person.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash only, please. (I can write you a receipt if you need it.)

How much walking will I be doing? Approximately 3 kilometers (or just under 2 miles).

How long does the tour last? Approximately 90 minutes.

When does the tour start? After sun down. Check your booking details for the exact time.

Where does the tour begin? We meet in front of the Stadterhebungsmonument, a large metal sculpture next to the Schlossturm. This is a short walk from the Heinrich Heine U-bahn station. Click here to see its exact location on Google maps.

The Stadterhebungsmonument is a monument commemorating the award of the city ​​rights to Düsseldorf.

Where does the tour end? At the Filmmuseum.

How big are the groups? The groups are small – ideally seven to eight people. Twelve is the absolute maximum.

What if there is bad weather? The tour will take place. (If we let bad weather stop us, the tours would never take place!)

For any other inquiries, send me an e-mail at: